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At Aaby's Intentions, I will work with integrity and intention for a massage intended just for you. As a massage therapist I work in a diverse and nurturing community, practicing integrity, honesty and dignity.

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~ Therapeutic Massage – Frequently Asked Questions ~

Do I Take My Clothes Off?
For a full body relaxation massage, most people undress completely (underwear is worn at your discretion).
Your privacy is respected at all times as you are warmly covered with a clean sheet; only the area being massaged is exposed.
Most types of bodywork, including Swedish Massage, needs the use of oils to lubricate the skin and allow for easier application of certain strokes.

This is best done without clothes worn.

If your therapist is treating a particular part of your body for injury reasons, you may be asked to remove the clothing only pertaining to that area.

Also, certain types of body work, such as Foot Reflexology, Energy Work and others, may never require clothes removal.

Check with your therapist first to find out what type of massage is offered and to make your preferences known.

The most effective treatment can then be determined for you.

About Us

Thank you for showing an interest in Abbys Massage Intentions. Candie Aaby - LMT# 19982, After 25 years in the same house I have turned my oasis in to a landscaped property unique and welcoming. The garden and home rests behind a large deep, well-groomed hedge that separates visitors from the bustling world outside. This gives the garden the effect of an oasis of rejuvenation within an exhausting desert. The backyard is home to a prodigious koi pond. Water cascades down several stone steps to form a fountain that swiftly pours into the pond. It creates a soothing and revitalizing sound to wash away all anxiety before the massage even begins. By surrounding my clients with the pure life that rests in nature, my practice is seen as distinctive. A Massage INTENDED JUST FOR YOU.

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